Rekha Biswal


I am interested in the representation theory of infinite-dimensional(Kac-Moody) Lie algebras and quantum groups, especially its intersection with algebraic combinatorics(Macdonald polynomials) and number theory (modular forms, mock-theta functions). More recently, I have been trying to use the theory of Macdonald polynomials to understand the characters of Demazure mdoules.


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Papers Submitted/In Preparation

  1. R. Biswal, A. Chakhar, X. He; Classification of rank two Lie conformal algebras (submitted, 23 pages).[arXiv:1712.02667]
  2. R. Biswal, T. Scrimshaw; Kirillov Reshetikhin crystals B^{7,s} for type E_7^1 (submitted, 13 pages).[arXiv:1901.00182]
  3. G. Benkart, R. Biswal , E.Kirkmann, V. Nguyen, J. Zhu; Tensor representations for the Drinfeld double of the the Taft algebras, (submitted, 39 pages)[arXiv:2012.15277]